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Reef Response is a coral restoration program located in the US Virgin Islands (USVI) created to increase the health and diversity of coral reefs around the Virgin Islands while empowering the local community to cope with changing environmental conditions.

About Us: About Us


Reef Response's mission is to stimulate coral reef ecosystem health through coral restoration, promote community involvement through citizen science, and ensure best practices through scientific research. 

Our primary goals include:

  1. Increase the abundance and diversity of reef-building corals in the USVI. 

  2. Increase community involvement in coral reef conservation and research.

  3. Collect scientific data that can be used to improve the efficacy of coral restoration practices.



Reef Response is part of the University of the Virgin Islands and has a team of highly trained scientific divers. However, our team is always in need of assistance with coral nursery maintenance and monitoring. Corals are delicate animals and require great care to grow and thrive.

Our program depends on public support, which is why citizen scientists are vital to our mission.

Citizen scientists are crucial team members in our program and ultimately make it possible to monitor and maintain large numbers of corals.  Our citizen scientists directly contribute to the health and growth of the USVI coral reef communities that provide important ecological, economical, and social services for the islands.  Data collected serves as an integral tool in our restoration success.

About Us: Who We Are
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